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BEST - Research: Tim Cleary

BEST Battery Testing Center

Under the direction of Timothy Cleary, Penn State's Battery Application Technology Testing Energy Research Laboratory (BATTERY) focuses on the development and testing of advanced battery systems ranging from modules to full traction systems with battery management systems. Initiatives at the BATTERY facility concentrate primarily on lithium-ion, automotive systems with applications that run from starter to full electric class 8 bus batteries. Facility personnel have extensive expertise in hardware-in-the-loop analysis utilizing full vehicle modeling controlling test equipment in real time. The BATTERY facility uses various embedded machines to automatically control loading devices, manage and communicate with battery systems and environmental chambers, and run real-time vehicle simulations in the loop with real hardware. BATTERY is capable of system characterization and evaluation up to 900VDC, +/- 1000 Amps and between -65 to 85 degrees Celsius environments, including humidity control in a 9' x 7' x 7.8' chamber.

Current Projects:

Thermal Management, SOC and SOH Estimation of a Large format Lithium-Titanate Battery System Designed for Heavy Vehicle Applications with Fast Charging.
Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Transportation

Thermal Design Validation, Control Optimization and Energy Storage Evaluation of an Experimental Electric Locomotive
Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Transportation/Norfolk Southern


BEST Battery Testing Center