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BEST - Research: Serguei N. Lvov

A diagram demonstrating copper chloride electrolysis to efficiently produce hydrogen in a hybrid thermochemical cycle

CuCl electrolysis to efficiently produce
hydrogen in a hybrid thermochemical cycle.

Serguei N. Lvov, professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering, and Director of Electrochemical Technologies Program at the EMS Energy Institute at the Pennsylvania State University, is recognized for his fundamental studies in a variety of areas of electrochemical engineering and material sciences, including fuel cells, electrolysis, electrophoresis, and electrochemical corrosion in supercritical water and carbon dioxide systems. He has a number of innovations in areas such as thermodynamics of solutions, electrochemical kinetics, and electrochemical sensors at high temperatures and pressures. The laboratory he developed in 2000 for the Electrochemical Technologies Program is now a unique and well know research laboratory. It is the only place in the world where:

  1. high temperature electrophoresis measurements for understanding the structure of the electrochemical double layer,
  2. high temperature pH and corrosion measurements for a variety of applications in power plans and CO2 suquestration technologies,
  3. high temperature CuCl electrolysis for hydrogen generation in a hybrid thermochemical cycle, and
  4. solid oxide fuel cell with a metal alloy anode fueled by coal or biomass have been successfully developed.

His long-term work on applying statistical thermodynamics of ionic systems to high temperature aqueous solutions was recently culminated by the development of an internationally recognized scientific formulation on the ionization constant of water covering a wide range of state parameters.