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BEST - Research: Donghai Wang

Visual representation of nanostructured materials

Nanostructured materials often show unique physical and chemical properties. Our group is interested in a broad range of electrochemical, mechanical, and catalytic properties of nanostructured materials. We study the properties of a variety of nanostructured materials such as nanocrystalline and/or nanoporous inorganic materials, carbon nanostructures (carbon nanotubes and graphene), hybrid nanostructures, and nanocomposites. We use a variety of synthesis approaches to develop nanostructured materials with controlled composition, size, and morphology, and also assemble and fabricate the nanomaterials into hierarchical structures at the macroscopic level for device applications. We have been working on development of novel electrode materials with controlled composition and nanostructures to enable high capacity, long cycling life, and high energy and power density, including layered, olivine and spinel cathodes, intermetallic alloy anodes for Li-ion batteries, nanocomposites for Li-sulfur and Li-air batteries, and novel electrode materials for batteries beyond Li-ion. Our goal is to use the knowledge of nanostructured materials to improve device performances in energy conversion and storage, and in bio/environmental technology.